Pence’s DC Neighbors Are Trolling Him With LGBTQ Flags

Pence’s DC Neighbors Are Trolling Him With LGBTQ Flags

Vice President Elect Mike Pence has a history of opposition to LGBTQ rights. As Governor of Indiana, Pence supported LGBTQ discrimination with his Religious Freedom Restoration Act. He also cut public health funding and opposed needle exchange efforts which led to a massive HIV outbreak in Indiana.

Pence’s new neighbors in Washington D.C. who disagree with the vice president-elect’s views are expressing themselves in the neighborhood. Pence is currently renting a $6,000-a-month home in the Chevy Chase area of Washington D.C, and his neighbors are displaying rainbow flags on their porches and lawns. Their aim, neighbors say, is to send a “respectful message” to Pence, who vehemently opposes marriage equality and other LGBTQ-related causes.

“This is one way that I can show my disagreement,” Ilse Heintzen, who lives on Pence’s block, told the news station. “I have no idea what [the vice president- elect] will think about it, but I hope he will change his mind.”

No word yet on whether or not Pence has seen the flags, but here’s to hoping the colorful gesture has an impact.

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