How Grateful We Are

How Grateful We Are

We launched just a little over six weeks ago and we’ve received quite the warm welcome from the web community. On Twitter, we’ve had nearly 50,000 views! Here’s a little list of just a few other things we’re grateful for:

• You!….… as you are part of this fantastic community that is coming together through a shared belief – that we are all entitled to love freely.
• Our collaborators, advocates and the ways we are supported by those who love us and believe in our efforts.
• The increasing number of states where same-sex marriage is legal (thankful that we live in a democracy where there’s lots of hope that soon this will be nationwide).
• For the cities we’re “out” in.
• For the reviews we’re already collecting for the cities we’re yet to come out in.
• For all the amazing people and businesses out there doing an excellent job of serving their community – especially those who are LGBT friendly.
• For all those who have felt the love and who have reviewed those businesses and given them representation on our website.
• For all of our followers on Twitter, Facebook and our Mailing List!

Last but not least, we’re grateful for how far we’ve come in the last month and for the bright future we have already in the works in helping members of our community and our allies.

Happy Thanksgiving from Hayden’s List!

HL founders laugh

– Scott, Veronica, Regina and Billy from The Hayden’s List Team