We Are All Hayden’s List

Here at Hayden’s List we often find ourselves shaking our heads.

Recently it was about baker Melissa Klein from Oregon who refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.  According to Klein’s statement, she didn’t have anything against lesbians or homosexuals.  She was just acting in accordance to her moral and religious beliefs.


Then, there was the sad case back in August where New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Florida denied holding a funeral service for Julion Evans, a long-time member of the congregation.


We’d love to know if New Hope Missionary Church ever denied Evon’s (or his husband’s) weekly tithing.

The reality is, these are just a fraction of what’s happening out there.  We can’t make sense of this kind of hate (especially when it’s masked behind religious righteousness) and yet it happens every day, everywhere.  Most stories never even get close to making the news.

But this is why we’re here.  Hayden’s List is a space created by people who care and want to help make a difference.   And we believe that together we really can help change things for the better.

You, me, we.  

We are all Hayden’s List.



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