HL’s TOP 10 LGBT Videos and Ads

  • Posted: Jul 06, 2015
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Our top ten videos and LGBT advertisements

With so many mixed responses to the SCOTUS ruling last week, it’ll be interesting to see what companies and politicians begin to ‘come out’ as LGBT friendly.  So far, here are our favorites — the brave and the first few to publicly declare their stance.  Who’ll be next?


Ten: President Barack Obama

“You didn’t do anything to deserve being bullied.”

This is an old video, but it’s more valid today than ever.  We’re glad that even five years ago this was on the White House radar.  We especially love that the president publicly recognizes  that the LGBT community makes the country a better place.

Nine: Allstate “Safe in My Hands”

“If you could only see, there is only light where you think there’s shadow.”

A cartoon that comes to life, we love this ad, every single time we watch it.  And yes, like you, we sing along.  Well done, Allstate.

Eight: Cornetto Ice Cream’s “Cupidity”

“The fear of loss is stronger when truly has something to lose.”

This short film, narrated by Lily Allen is so clever, cute and romantic we find it irresistible.  Watch it but beware, it’ll make you’ll fall in love, too.

Seven: Cheerios

“We couldn’t keep all this love and luck for ourselves.”

The gay couple who never thought they’d have kids because they were gay.  They met on a blind date, fell in love, and have a beautiful daughter now.

Six: Burger King

“Do gay people even eat fast food?”

Burger King takes a very simple idea to creatively illustrate a beefy point.  Some people get it, some people don’t.  This is a great idea…and frankly, our stomachs are growling.

Five: Wells Fargo

Two moms learn sign language so they can communicate with their future adopted daughter.  Loving and warm and moving it’s illustrative of the exemplary extent some will go to fulfill a dream and become a family.

Four: Clean and Clear

“I’ve always known who I am.” #SeeTheRealMe

Before Caitlin Jenner’s time, there lived a girl named Jazz Jennings, a girl trapped in a boy’s body.  This commercial is a testament of bravery and being true to one’s self.  Go Jazz, you’re an inspiration to all of us!

Three: Airbnb

Love is Welcome Here #HostWithPride

“If these people knew that I was trans and we were queer, would people talk to us?  Would they be kind to us?”

This video is remarkably representative of a large cross section of real-life LGBT couples.  Mixed race, sixty-plus, queer, gay, lesbian, transgender; this is one of our favorites because it is so very human — the thing we all have in common — and therefore has the capacity to conjure great compassion.

Two: Tylenol

“Family isn’t defined by who you love but how.” #HowWeFamily

This is a beautifully crafted ad, posing the poignant question, “When were you first considered a family?”  They ask, was it when you fell in love, when you got married, when you had kids…  And then a shift in octave occurs and the new question they pose is “When did you first fight to be considered a family?”  Watch this ad and be not only moved but changed.

One: Expedia

#Find Your Understanding

This ad is a three-minute rendition of “Father of the Bride” on LGBT steroids.  A father comes to terms with the fact that his daughter is a lesbian and will be marrying a woman.  Mother and father of the bride fly across the country to attend their daughter’s wedding and really glorious, real moments are captured of this family’s love and acceptance.  A candid and genuine portrait.  Have your tissues ready.

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