A Reason to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

A Reason to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

If you need another reason to keep your New Year’s resolution of going back to the gym, Nico Martina and Mikey Sinclair just gave it to you.

Martina and Sinclair met at Fitness First in Sydney, Australia and also just got engaged there. Martina used the help of Kate Elizabeth Proposal Planning. The proposal is documented in a four minute video which stars out with pair just casually working out. Hired dancers dressed as fellow gym rats start the flash mob. Martina joins and then gets down on one knee and pops the question to Sinclair. Spoiler alert: He says yes!

Martina told How He Asked that the proposal was also a way to send a message that “love is love” no matter what your sexuality is.

Congratulations, Nico and Mikey!

Watch the full proposal here.

This Flash Mob Gym Proposal Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Year

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Australian Government at Odds over Same Sex Marriage

You may be shocked to hear but Australia still doesn’t have same sex marriage. With large metropolitan and open-minded cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – folks often forget they are still fighting the fight Down Under. So what’s the latest? Recently, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared he wants a public vote on same sex marriage because he is not a “dictator.” He also has said that a public vote is the quickest and easiest way to legalize same sex marriage because after the public vote, a parliamentary vote must be held.

The Labour Party wants a parliamentary vote only. The Labour Party calls the public vote “expensive and pointless.”
The cost of the public vote would be between $160 million – $500 billion dollars and its taxpayers money, when the majority of parliamentarians in Australia are pro-same-sex marriage.

We’re watching Australia.


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