Live in Sacramento?  Interested in a LGBTQ Friendly cake?

Live in Sacramento? Interested in a LGBTQ Friendly cake?

The Freeport Bakery in Sacramento, California, like all bakeries on social media, posted a picture of a finished cake. However the response to this cake was unlike any other.

“I will never call you for a cake ever, again, and I am throwing your cards to the garbage,” one customer wrote. Added another: “You can dress up a plastic doll but sorry to burst your bubble. A person’s DNA determines their sex.”

The owner of The Freeport Bakery was shocked at the negative response. Marlene Goetzeler told The Huffington Post “I was really surprised. Honestly, I must be really naive,”

The cake in question is a depiction of a Ken doll wearing a pink dress and jewelry made out of frosting. Many people saw this as a statement that Ken was a member of the transgender community. “I don’t ask people why they’re buying a cake. I don’t say, ‘Are you gay? Are you transgender?’ It’s not something that comes up,” Goetzeler said.

Despite losing social media followers and the negative comments, Goetzeler said she does not plan to change the way she does business. “We’re in the business of spreading joy ― that’s what we do,” she said. “We make cakes that people love, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

Hayden’s List approves this message and next time any of our staff are in Sacramento, we’ll be sure to stop by for a cake.

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Splash “I’m Gay!” Mountain

Splash “I’m Gay!” Mountain

Gina, a 16 year old from California, has known that she was gay for about a year. During this time, she was contemplating ways of coming out to her family. Gina knew that she wanted her “come out” to her family to reflect her personality and a family trip to Disneyland was just that opportunity. Gina posed with her hand-made “I’m gay” sign while riding Splash Mountain with her Mom. Gina told BuzzFeed “I am not the type of person to have a deep, sit-down conversation, so I wanted to tell them in a lighthearted and fun way.”

Gina’s Mom then texted the photo to her Dad and brother and the response from family, friends and social media has been positive. Gina’s twitter picture has been re-tweeted over 4000 times. “People have responded saying I’ve inspired them to do the same thing, which I think is the coolest part of it all,” she said.

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