We’re Never Gonna Dance Again

We’re Never Gonna Dance Again

Singer George Michael died early Christmas morning at his home in England.

Nearly twenty years ago, Michael was arrested in a Beverly Hills park for a “lewd act.”  This arrest and the publicity surrounding it forced Michael to publicly come out as gay.

George Michael faced the prejudices at the time and did what he did best: made a pop song.  Michael released the song “Outside.” The song can be seen as an act of self-deprecation and defiance in response to his arrest. In the lyrics of the song, Michael references his arrest for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer, singing: “And yes I’ve been bad/Doctor, won’t you do with me what you can/You see I think about it all the time/I’d service the community/But I already have, you see!”

In the video, he dresses up like a cop and dances in a restroom. The message is clear: no one gets to shame George Michael for being George Michael.

Bravo and may you rest in peace, George.

George Michael discusses coming out on the Today show here.


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