We’re Never Gonna Dance Again

We’re Never Gonna Dance Again

Singer George Michael died early Christmas morning at his home in England.

Nearly twenty years ago, Michael was arrested in a Beverly Hills park for a “lewd act.”  This arrest and the publicity surrounding it forced Michael to publicly come out as gay.

George Michael faced the prejudices at the time and did what he did best: made a pop song.  Michael released the song “Outside.” The song can be seen as an act of self-deprecation and defiance in response to his arrest. In the lyrics of the song, Michael references his arrest for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer, singing: “And yes I’ve been bad/Doctor, won’t you do with me what you can/You see I think about it all the time/I’d service the community/But I already have, you see!”

In the video, he dresses up like a cop and dances in a restroom. The message is clear: no one gets to shame George Michael for being George Michael.

Bravo and may you rest in peace, George.

George Michael discusses coming out on the Today show here.


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Sara Ramirez of Grey’s Anatomy Comes Out

Right before National Coming Out Day on October 11, former Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez talked about her bisexuality.  She “came out” during a youth conference centering around the LGBT homeless community.

“Because of the intersections that exist in my own life: woman, multi-racial woman, woman of color, queer, bisexual, Mexican-Irish American, immigrant, and raised by families heavily rooted in Catholicism on both my Mexican and Irish sides, I am deeply invested in projects that allow our youth’s voices to be heard,” Ramirez said at the conference.

A number of organizations have praised the actress, including the True Colors Fund.


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Help Your City Go Live

Help Your City Go Live

Hello Hayden’s Listers and Happy Monday!

Did you know that we have at least four cities in waiting?  “In waiting” as in debutantes awaiting to come out and join the ball!

We have reviews and just need a few more before we can make a coming out official for the following cities:

Kansas City, MO

Hartford, CT

Phoenix, AZ

Birmingham, AL

Does your city have pride?  Does it lack pride?  Have you had a good or bad experience lately in any of these communities?  We want to spread the word and allow Hayden’s List to be present in as many communities as possible.  Simply sharing your opinion on Hayden’s List might make a big difference in someone’s life.  It takes less than a minute of your time.  So, come on and help us “come out!”




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Hayden’s List Hurdles



By: Regina Tingle

Like any new venture Hayden’s List is facing challenges. Our biggest challenge so far? Getting people to leave reviews. Sure, there are loads of people leaving reviews but the truth is, lots of people who believe in what we’re doing and who are vocal, supporting members of the LGBT community say they’re very excited to leave a review and then just don’t. We wanted to know why so we’ve asked around and received good feedback. Here are the reasons why people aren’t reviewing, including our responses:

Hurdle Number 1:
People don’t want to review a company or service provider solely based on LGBT-friendliness.

HL: There are a lot of good service providers out there who aren’t just providing good service to LGBT community members but to everyone. Would-be reviewers are finding they don’t want to review because they don’t want to “limit” the business. We understand this and we appreciate the open-minded attitude. The thing is, there are a lot people in the world who aren’t “out” yet or don’t plan on being “out” and would like to know where they might be treated fairly and equally regardless of their sexual orientation. Whether openly gay or lesbian, straight, male, female, asexual, trans; whichever way you identify or choose not to identify we are all Hayden’s List and this is our entire mission: we want to direct our community to those with open doors.

Hurdle Number 2:
People don’t want to “out” themselves by leaving a review.

HL: You can leave a review anonymously. Hayden’s List asks your first name and email address because we must verify the authencity of the review. The information provided remains anonymous and only the review is publicized.

Hurdle Number 3:
People think it takes a long time to leave a review.

HL: Actually leaving a review takes less than a minute. Some of our best reviews are less than five words.

Hurdle Number 4:
People don’t want to inadvertedly “out” a business owner by leaving a review about how LGBT friendly they are.

HL: One’s choice to be publicly “out” or not is a delicate matter that should be handled with respect and discretion. Reviewers should remember that just because a service provider is LGBT-friendly and is noted for being LGBT-friendly does not automatically categorize them as being openly LGBT themselves. As for worrying about “outing” to the larger community, chances are those who aren’t supportive of the LGBT movement aren’t spending much time looking at who’s reviewing and being reviewed on Hayden’s List.

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An Important Question We Received

question-mark We recently received an email inquiry and figured it was beneficial to share with everyone.  You know, kind of like in high school when one person raises their hand and asks something, it turns out the whole class was actually wondering the same thing.


We love getting email from you guys, so don’t be shy, write away!  (And show your love and support by submitting reviews!)


Dear Hayden’s List,

I have someone I’d like to review on your site but I’m concerned about “outing” them to the world wide web.  They have a really good clientele and as far as I know they are openly “out” but to err on the side of caution I have yet to review them.  What do you guys suggest? 

Thanks for your feedback,
Concerned Supporter

Dear Concerned Supporter,

That’s a very good question and we’re glad you asked.

We understand it can be tricky and we certainly don’t want to compromise anyone’s privacy if they choose to keep their sexual orientation to themselves.

Just know that reviewing a business or a service provider as LGBT-friendly does not mean you are outing anyone’s sexual orientation.  It just means you are classifying how friendly their attitude was to you as an ally or a member of the LGBT community.

If you are personally uncomfortable reviewing as an ally or a member of the LGBT community, you may choose to remain anonymous when you leave your review.

We hope this answers your question and we hope you leave some reviews!

Thank you,
The Hayden’s List Team

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What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

It’s been four days since National Coming Out Day.  Surely there are some stories to tell, y’all!

The Huffington Post has a series of celebrity coming out stories which are fun to sift through, but to be honest, we are more interested in the general population.  We want to know your story.

Whether it’s one of coming out or staying in, if you feel like sharing, we would love to listen.

So, do tell.  Contact us with your story.

P.S.  If you need some inspiration about others who have shared their stories, visit this website we love: imfromdriftwood.com






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