NFL Trainer Saves Player’s Life

Kansas City Chiefs team trainer, David Price, unknowingly helped save a life. Player Ryan O’Callaghan recently came out after keeping his sexuality a secret during his entire football career. O’Callaghan states that he was in a dark place toward the end of his career and was contemplating suicide. O’Callaghan says that Price took the time to talke with him and referred him to the team psychologist when he could tell O’Callaghan was in trouble.

Price told TMZ that he was “elated” to find out he had such a positive impact. Price was unaware how important he was to O’Callaghan until he read an article online. “I was just elated, I mean on Cloud 9 that I had that much impact on somebody’s life in a positive way.” Price said.

O’Callaghan says he’s now in a MUCH healthier mental state and loves life.

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Help Your City Go Live

Help Your City Go Live

Hello Hayden’s Listers and Happy Monday!

Did you know that we have at least four cities in waiting?  “In waiting” as in debutantes awaiting to come out and join the ball!

We have reviews and just need a few more before we can make a coming out official for the following cities:

Kansas City, MO

Hartford, CT

Phoenix, AZ

Birmingham, AL

Does your city have pride?  Does it lack pride?  Have you had a good or bad experience lately in any of these communities?  We want to spread the word and allow Hayden’s List to be present in as many communities as possible.  Simply sharing your opinion on Hayden’s List might make a big difference in someone’s life.  It takes less than a minute of your time.  So, come on and help us “come out!”




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