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question-mark We recently received an email inquiry and figured it was beneficial to share with everyone.  You know, kind of like in high school when one person raises their hand and asks something, it turns out the whole class was actually wondering the same thing.


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Dear Hayden’s List,

I have someone I’d like to review on your site but I’m concerned about “outing” them to the world wide web.  They have a really good clientele and as far as I know they are openly “out” but to err on the side of caution I have yet to review them.  What do you guys suggest? 

Thanks for your feedback,
Concerned Supporter

Dear Concerned Supporter,

That’s a very good question and we’re glad you asked.

We understand it can be tricky and we certainly don’t want to compromise anyone’s privacy if they choose to keep their sexual orientation to themselves.

Just know that reviewing a business or a service provider as LGBT-friendly does not mean you are outing anyone’s sexual orientation.  It just means you are classifying how friendly their attitude was to you as an ally or a member of the LGBT community.

If you are personally uncomfortable reviewing as an ally or a member of the LGBT community, you may choose to remain anonymous when you leave your review.

We hope this answers your question and we hope you leave some reviews!

Thank you,
The Hayden’s List Team

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