Gay or Christian?  You Can Be Both

Gay or Christian? You Can Be Both

This past summer, attendees of Louisville Pride received pamphlets that asked the question, “Gay or Christian?”  Inside revealed six heartwarming answers that stressed how Christians can be a part of the LGBTQ community.  It even cites bible verses with explanations.

The pamphlet is not new.  Louisville’s Open Door Community Fellowship Church created the pamphlet at least twelve years ago. They wanted to reach the LGBTQ community by telling them that being gay and Christian aren’t mutually exclusive.
“I really think it came about because so many of us have been in that place of not knowing that we can be gay and be Christian,” Open Door’s pastor Sherry Roby told Revelist. “That’s one of our main messages, especially to the LGBTQ community, that yes you can be — this is who God created you to be, you were created in the image of God.”

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