Better Together

Better Together

As I was walking through the mall to one of my favorite stores, Lush Cosmetics, I noticed a poster in their window. It was a same-sex couple simply relaxing in a warm, bubble bath. They’re grinning, laughing, and making makeshift bubble beards. I did a double take. Yes, I have seen more and more LGBTQ couples being featured in advertising but this was different. It was simple and normal. And it was the only ad in the window. It wasn’t like the company felt they had to include the “token” LGBTQ couple in their advertising.

Lush Cosmetics’ 2017 Valentine’s Day campaign is titled #BetterTogether. Christopher Rosa for Glamour Magazine said this campaign is, “so cute—and feels so normal.”  Rosa went on to say, “Queer couples take baths together just like straight couples.  We like bubbles!  And bath salts!  And sometimes we kiss our partners in said bubble baths!  Lush gets this, which is why it simply features same-sex couples in this campaign—as opposed to sensationalizing them.  And Lush didn’t make a big deal out of this, either.  There was no splashy press release…The brand simply chose to present queer couples as normal people who take baths—which is what we are.”

What are some of your favorite LGBTQ ads?

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Spread Harmony

Spread Harmony

Microsoft’s new holiday ad is promoting peace, love and harmony. The ad tackles such issues as LGBTQ rights, Muslim Americans, and the strained relationship between the African-American community and police officers. To us at Hayden’s List, this ad embodies the “true” meaning of Christmas and emulates the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Of course celebrating what is good and right in the world is upsetting to some “Christians.”  The ad was blasted by Bill Donohue, founder of the Catholic League. He claims that Microsoft is “exploiting Christmas” by “pushing the LGBT agenda.”  Donohue added “If the bi-coastal elites at Microsoft really believe in diversity, then let them have their LGBT celebrations in June during gay pride month, and leave December to Christians.”

Microsoft described their ad as bringing people together who are making a difference in the world. “This is their vision of hope, peace and beauty. We wanted to lift people up and remind them that ordinary people can make a difference.”

Thank you, Microsoft. We here at Hayden’s List will continue to spread harmony.

You can watch the ad here.

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Sprint’s Holiday Ad Features LGBTQ Couple

Sprint’s Holiday Ad Features LGBTQ Couple

Verizon’s former, “Can you hear me now?” spokesperson, Paul Marcarelli, now works for the competition, Sprint. Sprint’s new holiday ad features Paul with his real-life boyfriend as they go shopping for a Christmas tree.  We love it for its subtly.  Instead of going overboard to let audiences know they’re featuring a gay couple in the ad, the clip flows naturally and without making it a big deal. You can watch the commercial here.

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Apple’s New Ad Features LGBTQ Couple

Apple’s new commercial for the iPhone 7 features an “affectionate gay couple enjoying their new tech on the NYC subway.”

Apple came under scrutiny for leaving out a LGBTQ couple from its Mother’s Day ad ‘Shot on iPhone’ in international markets. The ad ‘Shot on iPhone’ is, “A tribute to all mothers through the eyes of iPhone users worldwide,” and features clips of mothers and their children from around the world. The US version of the ad featured a lesbian couple. However, that couple was cut in the French, German, Italian, Turkish and Japanese versions.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is a member of the LGBTQ community and has been both applauded and criticized for his social activism around LGBT issues.

Watch Apple’s new ad here.

New iPhone 7 Ad Features Affectionate Gay Couple on NYC Subway: WATCH

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