Spread Harmony

Spread Harmony

Microsoft’s new holiday ad is promoting peace, love and harmony. The ad tackles such issues as LGBTQ rights, Muslim Americans, and the strained relationship between the African-American community and police officers. To us at Hayden’s List, this ad embodies the “true” meaning of Christmas and emulates the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Of course celebrating what is good and right in the world is upsetting to some “Christians.”  The ad was blasted by Bill Donohue, founder of the Catholic League. He claims that Microsoft is “exploiting Christmas” by “pushing the LGBT agenda.”  Donohue added “If the bi-coastal elites at Microsoft really believe in diversity, then let them have their LGBT celebrations in June during gay pride month, and leave December to Christians.”

Microsoft described their ad as bringing people together who are making a difference in the world. “This is their vision of hope, peace and beauty. We wanted to lift people up and remind them that ordinary people can make a difference.”

Thank you, Microsoft. We here at Hayden’s List will continue to spread harmony.

You can watch the ad here.

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Seattle Woman Shuts Down Homophobic Neighbor With Christmas Display

Seattle Woman Shuts Down Homophobic Neighbor With Christmas Display

Lexi Magnusson, a Seattle mom who is new to the neighborhood believes her new neighbor found out she was raised Mormon and therefore thought making derogatory comments about the LGBTQ community was accepted.  But Magnusson did not start a neighborhood brawl.  Instead she decided to use her Christmas display to let her neighbor know where her family stands on LGBTQ issues.

Magnusson told The Huffington Post that she and her husband no longer attend the Mormon Church. Regarding her neighbor Magnusson said, “I imagine she thought we still held the same belief about LGBTQ issues as the Church does. We absolutely do not. It’s why I left the Mormon church.”

The neighbor told Magnusson that she had moved to protect her children from the dangers of a gay lifestyle. Magnusson said that she only responded verbally with “‘Your kids are going to be exposed to this no matter where you take them. Kids these days get it. They know not to be horrible to other kids based on how they were born.” Magnusson let her Christmas lights do the rest. She mounted 10,000 Christmas lights on the bushes lining her house in the color of the rainbow, the LGBTQ rainbow.

Looks like Magnusson’s neighbor may have to move again.  Merry Christmas!


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Anti-Gay Preacher Ruins Christmas for Texas Children

A video has surfaced showing Pastor David Grisham of Alaska ruining Christmas for the children in Amarillo, Texas. Pastor Grisham was at a Westgate Shopping Mall when he told children “Santa’s not real. And parents you all need to stop lying to your children and telling them that Santa Claus is real when in fact he’s not.”

Parents reacted strongly. “I’ve got my kids over there, we don’t need you coming over here blabbing whatever it is you’re blabbing,” one father told Pastor Grisham. “But that and the calls of other parents who told Grisham to keep his preachy pie-hole shut fell on deaf ears.” The pastor continued his tirade against Santa Claus. “The man you’re going to see today is just a man in a suit dressed up like Santa but Santa doesn’t exist,” Pastor Grisham said.

Parents posted complaints on the Westgate mall’s Facebook page and demanded that Pastor Grisham be banned from the mall.


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Christmas Love

Christmas Love

Happy Christmas Eve, Everybody!

As you guys know by now, we love to love here at Hayden’s List.  And because love is the reason for the season, we want to know where you guys celebrate your love.

Is there a particular service you attend or would recommend?

Do you go to a welcoming church, synagogue or temple?

Where do you gather in the name of love?

Tell us because we’d really like to join you.

Wherever you worship, however you celebrate love, we wish you warmth and joy this season.

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