Is it Positive or Negative: New York, help us decide!

Actor Tituss Burgess claims that moving company, Frank’s Express Moving from Brooklyn is not LGBT friendly.  The actor, known for his Emmy nominated role in the Netflix series, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” says he hired the company to move a sofa.  The representative Burgess spoke to said he would not move the sofa until Burgess posted a positive review online.  Burgess told the representative he had no problem doing a review after his couch was moved. Burgess claims a gay slur was used toward him and, well the couch stayed where it was, but Burgess did complete a review.  On Yelp.

Frank’s Express Moving response to the scathing review?  The company claims the representative is an impostor.  Frank’s Moving Express said they never had Burgess as a customer or even spoke to him. The company says they are working with police to find out the identity of the impostor.

So, we want to know: what is it?  New Yorkers are known for telling it like it is and we want to know:  is Frank’s Express Moving actually LGBT friendly?  Or did (so-called imposter) Burgess get it right with his review?  Let Hayden’s List know by submitting a review today!

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New on “The List:” Catering By Bellinis in Birmingham, Alabama


A Birmingham reviewer gave us all a great catering contact for their city:

“Catering by Bellinis is very supportive of it’s LGBTQ employees as well as the LGBTQ Community as a whole. They have supported both financially and with product events in the Birmingham area. Support those that support you!”

This is fantastic! Interested in contacting them for an event? You can find this review in the Events category of our Birmingham page.

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New on “The List:” Nou Veau Salon & Day Spa

A local reviewer in Mobile, Alabama had this to say about her favorite local spa:

“I moved to Mobile in late 2013. As a pretty far left leaning person, I was a little worried about living here. But my concerns were put to rest when I walked into Nou Veau Salon and Spa one day. I had no particular reason for choosing the salon. I had a hair emergency that needed to be fixed immediately, so I wandered into Nou Veau with my mascara running down my face. By the time I left the salon, my hair was so fabulous that I went to a drag show at the recommendation of some of the LGBT and LGBT-friendly staff!

I have had several different services at Nou Veau and have been pleased with every one of them. From the minute Peter greets you at the door to the time he says goodbye, you will always feel welcome. Krista, my stylist, is amazing, open, and professional. The folks at Nou Veau truly celebrate individuality, respect differences, and welcome outsiders with open arms. I highly recommend the salon and the people who work there! You will look and feel great and just may leave with a few new friends.”

Curious where Mobile is on Hayden’s List? We haven’t come out there yet! Raise your voices by submitting reviews and let’s help Mobile “come out!”

Submit reviews here!

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New on “The List:” Castlewood at the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham circle
A Birmingham Reviewer reviewed ‘Castlewood at the Highlands’ today.

“As a member of the LGBT community, and an employee of The Highlands, I am confident in saying that the staff I work with are very accepting of everyone. We treat eating disorders and related conditions. We have a therapy group titled “Gender, Intimacy, and Sexuality” where clients can openly and safely discuss these topics. I am currently working on a “Safe Zone” training for all staff members so it can become official.”

Read the full review in the Professional Section of our Birmingham page.

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New on “The List:” Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego, CA


The staff at Sweet Cheeks Baking Company are stellar professionals. My fiance’ and I were planning our wedding in California and we checked for recommendations for a bakery. Sweet Cheeks came highly recommended. The staff have been wonderful to work with during the planning process. Elaine and her colleagues have made it a joy to plan a destination wedding to San Diego. I highly recommend Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. for any event, not just an LGBT wedding.

Curious where San Diego is on Hayden’s List? We haven’t come out there yet! Raise your voices by submitting reviews and let’s help San Diego “come out”!

Submit reviews here!

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New on “The List”: Birmingham Aids Outreach in Alabama


The mission of Birmingham AIDS Outreach (BAO) is to enhance the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS, at-risk, affected individuals, and the LGBTQ community through outreach, age-appropriate prevention education, and supportive services. All programs at BAO are offered free of charge and include. Interested in seeing what services they provide?

Check out their page on Hayden’s List.

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