The Controversial Gay Character

The Controversial Gay Character

What is more offensive bestiality or a gay character? The world’s reaction to Disney’s new movie Beauty and the Beast may be able to answer that question.

The controversy is a scene in the movie where the supporting character LeFou, is depicted as having a romantic fascination for Gaston and is shown dancing with another man in a ballroom. This scene is three seconds long. The movie’s director, Bill Condon, stated that LeFou, has “a nice, exclusively gay moment.”

As of March 23, the movie has earned over $350 million world wide, but it has also been banned in the US and abroad. A drive-in movie theater in rural Henagar, Alabama said that it would not show the movie because it has a gay character. “We will not compromise on what the Bible teaches,” the drive-in said in a Facebook post. Henagar has a population of 2,344 and Disney did not respond when asked if the film was set to show at this particular theater.

In Kuwait, the nation’s government-owned cinema company, which runs 11 out of the 13 theaters in the Persian Gulf country, announced that all screenings had been canceled and offered a full refund to anyone who had purchased a ticket.

One board member of the National Cinema Co. told the Associated Press, “We were requested to stop the screening and further censor the movie for things that were deemed offensive by the Ministry of Information’s censorship department.”

The treatment of gays and lesbians in the Middle East is mixed. In Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, homosexuality is criminalized and can lead to fines, lashings and imprisonment. In Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Yemen, it can also lead to the death penalty. But in Jordan, Bahrain and Iraq, homosexuality is not illegal.

Kuwait’s ban comes after censors in Malaysia tried to edit out the controversial scenes. Disney refused to edit and was not going to release the film there but then Malaysian authorities decided to allow the film to be released in its entirety.

The movie has also stirred controversy in Russia. Vitaly Milonov, a lawmaker, tried to get the film banned. But it was allowed to be screened uncensored, accompanied by a warning that it was not suitable for children younger than 16.

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Trying to Get Hitched in Alabama?

nunst002Alabama’s latest response to the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage would be brilliant if it weren’t so ignorant.  From what we understand, the state is apparently considering banning marriage licenses for good.  In other words, if everyone can get married no one’s getting married.

Is this liberty and justice for all?  More like injustice for all and horribly un-American.

Are you or have you recently tried to tie the knot in Alabama?  If so, we want to hear from you.  Write to us and share your experience.


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Deborah Cox Concert – Winners Announced!


Deborah Cox is headed back to Birmingham this month and 2 lucky Birmingham reviewers just won free tickets! Congrats to Lara Embry of Birmingham – thanks for submitting a review and entering into the drawing.

Also, thanks to Central Birmingham Pride for donating the tickets to the HL community!

Have fun at the concert Lara!

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HL’s Advocate of the Week: Kyle Pugh of Birmingham, Alabama


Congratulations to HL’s Advocate of the Week: Kyle Pugh of Birmingham, Alabama

What did Kyle have to say about Hayden’s List?

“I love having Hayden’s List in my community because as a person living in the Deep South many times our allies are not as “out” and noticeable as they could be even if their intentions are great! Likewise, our enemies are often wolves in sheep’s clothing! Hayden’s list helps us to choose wisely when trying to support those businesses that support our community! I use it weekly and refer friends to it daily!”

How has Kyle advocated for Hayden’s List?

Kyle is the President of Central Alabama Pride and has been instrumental in helping Hayden’s List come out in his community, through local events and by submitting numerous local reviews!

Thanks Kyle, for advocating for us in your community!

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New on “The List:” Positive Electric – Birmingham, Alabama


Looking for an electrician in the Birmingham area? This reviewer has one!

“We have used Miles with Positive Electric for several of our electric needs. He is honest, kind, hardworking, and trustworthy. As he worked in our home, our family status was a complete non-issue.” – Anonymous Reviewer in Birmingham

Check out the full review in the Professional section of our Birmingham page.

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